How To Get The Best Flower Deals Without Using a Discount Flower Coupon

on 09/03/2016 - 08:02 pm

Think the best way to get “flower deals” on floral purchases is to go to one of those big online flower sites and get your $10 off coupon? Think again! What you may not realize is that those large online flower sites with a national presence may pile additional fees onto your purchase, so when it finally trickles down to an actual real local florist for filling your order, the local flower shop only gets a portion of that $100 to make & deliver the arrangement, our sources report that this typically amounts to about 60% of the price you pay for your online flower delivery. This means that a consumer spending $100 on a floral arrangement would expect a value of $100 in flowers however, the local florist only receives approximately $60 to handle all aspects of your flower order! Arrrgh…. Bet you didn’t know that!

While many consumers are satisfied with the value they receive when placing an order with the large flower websites, there is one tip to better ensure you’re getting the most floral value for your money. The absolute best way to ensure you get what you paid for is to deal directly with a real local florist. By placing your flower order directly with local flower shops, it removes the middle men from taking a slice out of your floral pie. What you pay for is what your recipient will get.

Want more money saving flower tips? Well by all means, read on!

Did you know that many of the miscellaneous fees and additional charges that online flower websites charge are never passed along to the local filling florist and in many cases they are not aware of the additional fees and services you paid for? So that miscellaneous “service fee” or special charge for a “time request” or “same-day delivery” may serve very little value to the presentation of your floral arrangement. Contacting the local florist directly and discussing the time and availability of delivery is the best way to ensure you get the treatment you expect for the price you pay.

Did you know that many call center agents from the large flower websites have never stepped foot in a local flower shop? So why take floral advice from someone who has never worked in a real flower shop? By doing business directly with a local florist, they are very willing to work with you if you are on a budget, as they rely more on customer loyalty and repeat business. The hope is that your small purchase now will become a larger purchase down the road maybe, wedding flowers or funeral flowers for the passing of a loved one. In addition, local florists can suggest ways to stretch your floral dollar. Such as using in season flowers or recommending a smaller container to save money by using less flowers.

You may be asking yourself…but aren’t those discount flowers with a free vase and a box of chocolates such great offers? Well, they certainly can be a good value, but they also can be a big risk, as the majority of these flower deals are shipped in a box across the country and in many cases, ride on delivery vehicles without refrigeration or air-conditioning. Imagine the amount of time those flowers are chocolates might sit in that dark and lonely box just waiting for their happy home! Our advice to get the best deal is to contact the florist directly and ask if they have any free upgrades.

Ironically you can get some of the best deals on the freshest flowers by going directly to the local flower shop and asking about their in-store specials. Many florists have deals that may not be widely advertised, such as carry out specials. One example is Arizona Florist, a local, family-owned and operated Phoenix flower shop, offering a $5 Friday deal, where all of their growers bunches of flowers are priced at only $5 every Friday. Another local florist, Water Mill Flowers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, offers a $20 Tuesday bouquet which includes delivery! Tuesdays had traditionally been one of their slowest days, but with the implementation of $20 Tuesday it has quickly become one of the shop’s busiest days to win over new customers.  

Ok, still not convinced? …Well wait, there’s more! When buying flowers direct from a local florist, ask about a loyalty program or flower club. Local florists love repeat business and generally will reward you for your loyalty. Many local florists offer loyalty programs that provide discounts or a free rewards card that allows you to earn discounts or free flowers after just a few purchases. Get on the florist’s mailing list. This way you will receive e-mails or postcards with special offers usually tied to major floral holidays.

So now that you know how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to ordering flowers from a local florist, you may be asking yourself… How do I find the best local florist near me? Or how do I ensure that I am ordering flowers directly with a local florist? The answer is simple: the easiest way to find a florist online is to use a local florist directory such as We are the largest and most comprehensive local florist directory online, featuring thousands of real local florists. To find a local florist near you simply enter the city, state or zip code of where you want to send flowers, or the area you need to locate a flower shop and in 1 click you can see a list of verified local florists. You can select the florist that best suits your needs and place your flower direct by ordering on their website or calling them direct to speak with an expert florist. At Floristopia, our mission is to transform the way people shop for flowers by connecting consumers directly with real local florists. The next time you need flowers, support local florists, improve your floral experience and get the best value for your buck by changing the way you order flowers with!

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