Premieres on the Largest Billboard in Times Square NY!

on 08/23/2016 - 09:12 pm has taken the floral industry by storm in the days since it first launched at the Society of American Florists’ (SAF) 130th National Convention in Florida. Word spread quickly through the convention (the industry’s largest annual event) and the local florists in attendance were genuinely excited about the Floristopia concept. Floral related social media and blog sites ignited and the ripple effect continued when Floristopia appeared on PR Newswire’s larger-than-life electronic billboard located in Times Square, New York! The reception of has been nothing short of amazing!

In the first few days following Floristopia’s launch, we were so pleased to see that hundreds of high-quality real local florists signed up to manage their business listings on the site. One of the first to sign up was David Stanley, owner of The Orchid Wrangler and two-time winner of the “Best Florist in Los Angeles” title. “Our website is responsible for 80% of our LOCAL sales” Stanley said. “Not having an updated business profile on is like deciding not to merchandise your flower shop.”

We were completely honored and blown away to find that had more than 2,000 unique visitors to the site within its first week! “We are always looking for new ways to increase our customer base and Floristopia could just be the answer,” said Brennen Rigler, another Floristopia user and owner of Albuquerque Florist, whose shops were voted “Best of the City” in 2013. “After 40 years in business, this is one of the most innovative and exciting things to happen to the local florist community,” added Rigler.

“The message is clear, floral consumers and local florists want to connect” said Brad Denham, founding partner of TechMoguls and creative mind behind “We have already seen very promising results from florist reviews, Google rankings, and other florists’ pages.” We believe the site will only continue to gain momentum as real local florists and consumers begin to embrace this concept and recognize its usefulness. “Our mission to transform the way consumers shop for flowers remains the same,” Denham concluded.

A big thanks to all the florists out there who have already claimed their listings. For those who have not yet made their claim, we encourage you to claim your listing and get started today. We can’t wait for you to see just how much Floristopia can do for your small business! 

Thousands of consumers find a real local flower shops or search Floristopia to find a Florist Near MeFor more information about Floristopia and its mission to improve the floral shopping experience by connecting consumers direct to local florists go to about Floristopia