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Five Fun Facts About Flowers Told By Top Rated Local Florists

Do you know the difference between a Garden Rose and a Spray Rose? Do you think Amaryllis is a small town in Texas? Well, you’re not alone. For many consumers flowers are a mystery waiting to be discovered. Unless flowers are an integral part of your working or leisure life, most of us can’t tell a begonia from a buttercup! We asked top rated florists from all over the country to share some little-known secrets about fresh flowers and we think you’ll be surprised by these fun facts.

Hydrangea are one of the few flowers that can actually absorb water through their petals. They are one of the most water-craving flowers and require tons of moisture to last through a big eve ...

How To Get The Best Flower Deals Without Using a Discount Flower Coupon

Think the best way to get “flower deals” on floral purchases is to go to one of those big online flower sites and get your $10 off coupon? Think again! What you may not realize is that those large online flower sites with a national presence may pile additional fees onto your purchase, so when it finally trickles down to an actual real local florist for filling your order, the local flower shop only gets a portion of that $100 to make & deliver the arrangement, our sources report that this typically amounts to about 60% of the price you pay for your online flower delivery. This means that a consumer spending $100 on a floral arrangement would expect a value of $100 in flowers ...

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