5 Benefits of Buying Flowers Direct From Real Local Florists Near Me

on 08/25/2016 - 12:05 am

Top 5 Reasons to Order Flowers Direct From a Real Local Florist

We all know that buying from an independent, local merchant helps our local economy by creating jobs and keeping more money pumped into our own communities, but when it comes to ordering flowers, there are many other advantages to “Shopping Local.” Here are our top 5 reasons to buy flowers from a local florist:

  1. Personalized Service – Like the song says, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”  Independent florists take pride in their superior personalized customer service and attention to detail. Chances are your local florist does know your name and your buying habits, even important dates like your birthday and wedding anniversary.
  2. Expertise – Not sure what flowers are appropriate to send? Ask your local florist! They are your trusted advisor with extensive knowledge of flower origin, meaning, seasonality, etc. They can make recommendations your recipient will be thrilled to receive.
  3. Quality – Most local florists get fresh flower deliveries every few days and generally they are very discerning about product quality. After all, flower arrangements delivered by a local flower shop have their name on them and are an extension of their commitment to quality, so you can be assured you are getting a high quality floral arrangement time after time.
  4. Timeliness – If you place a flower order online, you have no way of knowing the freshness of the floral product by the time it arrives at your door, especially when the flowers are delivered in a box. Many flowers from online websites are “dry shipped,” meaning they have no water source while in transit. That could be a real problem, especially during extreme heat and cold times of the year.
  5. Money Back Guarantee – OK, you’re probably thinking ALL florists offer that, but most local florists will replace the arrangement (and throw in an upgrade) or refund your money promptly, no questions asked. They rely on repeat business and customer loyalty as they spend substantially less on marketing and depend more on word of mouth.


Now that you know the benefits of buying flowers direct from a local flower shop you may be asking yourself… How do I find a florist near me? Or how do I really know that I am ordering flowers directly with a local flower shop? The answer is simple; the best way to find a florist online is to use a local florist directory such as Floristopia.com. We are the largest and most comprehensive local florist directory online, featuring thousands of real local florists. To find a local florist near you simply enter the city, state or zip code of where you want to send flowers or the area you need to locate a flower shop and in 1 click you can see a list of verified local florists. You can select the florist that best suits your needs and place your order online by visiting their website or calling direct to speak with a trusted floral advisor. At Floristopia, our mission is to transform the way people shop for flowers by connecting consumers directly with real local florists. The next time you need flowers, support local florists and improve your floral experience by changing the way you order flowers with Floristopia.com!

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